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  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    Your privacy-invasion fears just got worse: according to the Wall Street Journal National Security Agency officers have used their substantially unmitigated access to spy-technologies...

  • By Kwame Dawes

    It used to be that when folks asked me if I write poetry everyday, I would say, “yes.”  Used to be.  It was good...

  • By Edwin Torres

    I am participating in an art event which neccesitates a newly created PO-EM-PI-ECE based on the art being celebrated at the event…now, it's one...

  • By Camille T. Dungy

    Since my arrival in NYC on Thursday I have hugged at least 30 great, and new, and new great American writers. And tomorrow I...

  • By Sotère Torregian

  • By Sotère Torregian

  • By Sotère Torregian

  • By Sotère Torregian

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