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Liz Kinnamon Speaks to Us Through a Construction of Jack Spicer October 26, 2016: Liz Kinnamon stuns again with “Elegant Uprooted Things: Jack Spicer, California, and Psychoanalysis,” published this week at the always-inspiring SFMOMA Open Space. Kinnamon grounds us [...] by

Dear Poetry: Advice on Inhuman Mechanicity and Writing with Emotions June 17, 2016: More from Dear Poetry… i find emotions a huge problem, and the idea of writing poems because they give me pleasure at odds with wanting to develop as a person-writer through poetry – should i [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 5 April 21, 2015: The “Lasco Project” was inspired by the illegal 2012 intervention “Le Mausolée,” conceived by French graff artists Lek & Sowat. Produced in secret over a year, by no fewer than forty [...] by

T H E D I S T A N C E S and / or C I T I E S (3) April 8, 2015: Innumerable poets have used the concept of working or communicating with the dead as a stand-in for the business of poetry. To speak of “the dead” these days is often to speak in terms of [...] by

T H E D I S T A N C E S and / or C I T I E S (2) April 6, 2015: Paul Blackburn is arguably the quintessential mid-20th century poet of Manhattan. As Jed Birmingham, co-editor with Kyle Schlesinger of the terrific zine-on-small-press-zines Mimeo Mimeo, remarks [...] by

Being Happy With The Ordinary, part 1 April 2, 2015: Because I wanted there to be a book by David Brazil, having read his poems and chapbooks with interest, as well as the magazine Try, edited with Sara Larsen, and participated in a year-long reading [...] by

T H E D I S T A N C E S and / or C I T I E S April 1, 2015: You can teach the young nothing —Charles Olson, “The Distances” Cities located near waterways have always been my preferred locales for living in and loitering around. I like to walk [...] by

At Jacket2: Keeping Poetry Ephemeral January 22, 2015: Mande Zecca writes for Jacket2 about Jack Spicer, and more specifically her desire to locate a “‘secret history’ of postwar coteries and their print media — in particular, the [...] by

Spicer Says: Help Fund (& Go See!) the Theatrical Premiere of ‘Billy the Kid’ June 30, 2014: A handful of our favorite New York theater artists are bringing Jack Spicer’s poem “Billy the Kid” to life! It will premiere in July at Mount Tremper Arts Summer Festival of [...] by

George Kalamaras’s A Gray Barn Rising June 26, 2014: A few months back we reported on George Kalamaras’s appointment as the poet laureate to the great state of Indiana. This week we found out that as part of his laureateship, he has launched a [...] by