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Mia You Reads Rickey Laurentiis’s ‘I Saw I Dreamt Two Men’ at Jacket2 January 14, 2016: At Jacket2, Mia You explores Ricky Laurentiis’s poem “I Saw I Dreamt Two Men,” in a reading informed by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Audre Lorde. You focuses on questions of empathy, eros, and [...] by

Crystal Clear: James La Marre Interviews Craig Dworkin at Jacket2 January 6, 2016: For his podcast “One on One,” James La Marre interviewed Craig Dworkin about textual materiality and Eclipse archive. Read their conversation in this latest Jacket2 post: La Marre: Really [...] by

Modernism Meets the Phonograph: On the Sound Recordings of Guillaume Apollinaire January 5, 2016: For Jacket2′s series “Clipping,” on “experimental digital analyses of poetry audio,” Chris Mustazza writes about Apollinaire, poetry audio, and experimental French [...] by

The Erotic vs. the Pornographic in Contemporary Poetry December 16, 2015: At Jacket2, Mia You’s commentary “Not safe for porn: The erotic vs. the pornographic,” starts with Audre Lorde’s reminders, from You’s very blue edition of the book [...] by

‘Make it hurt’: Jacket2 Features Polish Poetry Under the Influence of Tadeusz Różewicz December 2, 2015: If you haven’t had time to make your way over to Jacket2 to read up on Polish poetry after Tadeusz Różewicz, now is your chance! Marit MacArthur and Kacper Bartczak have curated a series of [...] by

Hannah Sanghee Park’s ‘And a Lie’ as First Read by Susan McCabe November 23, 2015: Checking in with Jacket2′s First Readings series, today we bring you a first look at Hannah Sanghee Park’s “And a Lie,” (a twisting, slippery poem) through the eyes of Susan [...] by

The Language of Caves for Clark Coolidge November 6, 2015: “A language and culture grow up around caving; for Coolidge, it is already a poetics.” At Jacket2, Rachael M. Wilson looks at Clark Coolidge’s “sustained engagement with [...] by

Johannes Göransson of Action Books Interviewed at Jacket2 October 22, 2015: Earlier in the week we posted this interview with Mia You and Johannes Göransson, who discussed translation, context, sensationalism, and oh so much more. To enhance your understanding of Action [...] by

Stephanie Gray Reads Lisa Robertson’s Cinema of the Present October 9, 2015: At Jacket 2, Stephanie Gray introduces readers to Lisa Robertson’s most “present” book: Cinema of the Present. Gray writes: “To “read” (or view?) this book is not unlike [...] by

Governor General’s Award Poetry Finalists Announced! October 8, 2015: The Governor General’s Literary Award finalists were announced yesterday, reports Canada’s The Globe and Mail. These top-tier literary prizes offer $25,000 to the winners from seven [...] by