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Poetry in Principle April 20, 2017: Mind-degradable Manifesto I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to issue a manifesto like in the good old days, but any such assertion nowadays always seems to splinter into its ambiguities, [...] by

Anne Tardos’s Introduction to The Drawing Center’s Upcoming Show, Jackson Mac Low: Lines–Letters–Words January 3, 2017: Jerome Rothenberg’s column for Jacket2 features Anne Tardos’s introduction to Jackson Mac Low: Lines–Letters–Words, the upcoming “unprecedented exhibit of visual & [...] by

Amodern 4: The Poetry Series Collects Writings on Readings, Avant Sound Archives, Listening, Recording, Performance, Resonance, & On… March 31, 2015: Thanks to the evidently tireless work of Michael Nardone and editors Jason Camlot and Christine Mitchell, Amodern 4: The Poetry Series is out and features an incredible collection of writings on [...] by

Let There Be Jackson Mac Low’s Complete Light Poems! December 17, 2014: We don’t usually cover book releases (they are so plentiful!), but this one is noteworthy. Why yes, it’s Jackson Mac Low’s Complete Light Poems, now in a “Deluxe Casebound [...] by

Bear Witness to Jackson Mac Low and Gerhard Richter at Jacket 2 August 19, 2014: Yes! What could be a better way to get your Tuesday going than with this lovely article by Patrick Durgin on the cross-overs between Jackson Mac Low and Gerhard Richter, now ready at Jacket 2. Brain [...] by

Singular Voices April 22, 2014: art is (Speaking Portraits), Vol. II When for art is/poetry is/music is I first began asking poets, artists and musicians to say on camera what it— poetry, et al.—is, some people said, “How [...] by

Self-evidence with Difficulty April 9, 2014: For many years I’ve been interested in difficulty; I suppose in the present context it could be called the poetics of difficulty. I remember at age 14 carrying around the hardback Collected Poems [...] by

Mac Low, Cage, Root Poetics April 3, 2014: The basic question behind what I think of as root poetics sounds simple: what is language doing—for the poet, for humans at large, for the world—in fact, for itself? What is it doing there on the [...] by

Jill Magi Has Urge to Hush Anxieties in Rodrigo Toscano’s Deck of Deeds May 15, 2013: Poet and artist Jill Magi writes about Rodrigo Toscano’s latest title, Deck of Deeds (Counterpath 2012), at her blog, noting that he “dials in to a wide range of frequencies we use to [...] by

Gets Leather by Language: A Report on Clarinda Mac Low’s 40 Dancers Do 40 Dances for the Dancers October 19, 2012: Jackson Mac Low’s Forties and all its incarnations and extensions are something we’re very into. Lucky us: X Poetics has a writeup from Tyrus Miller on Clarinda Mac Low’s 40 Dancers [...] by