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‘Even the spirits get a say’: A Look Into James Merrill’s Ouija Poems August 30, 2016: At the New York Times, there’s more high praise for Langdon Hammer’s 2015 biography of James Merrill, which Dwight Garner deems “among the best literary biographies of the [...] by

White Swan, Black Swan: Poetry in an Analytical Hour February 8, 2016: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Molly Peacock’s poem “The Nurse Tree” appears in the February 2016 issue. Previous posts in this series can [...] by

Ange Mlinko Reviews James Merrill: Life and Art at The Nation November 19, 2015: Over at The Nation, Ange Mlinko begins her review of Langdon Hammer’s James Merrill: Life and Art by writing: “Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore: ‘I lived for art, I lived for [...] by

James Merrill: Secretly New York School? June 25, 2015: At Locus Solus Andrew Epstein reveals James Merrill’s rather unexpected connection to the New York School. Although Merrill “operated at some distance from the avant-garde of his [...] by

Read James Merrill’s Ouija Manuscripts by Blue-Willow Teacup February 19, 2014: St. Louis Magazine has a nice piece on the digitization of James Merrill’s “Ouija manuscripts,” which were transmitted to the new James Merrill Digital Archive at Washington [...] by

And Now: The James Merrill Digital Archive September 17, 2013: Yes that says digital, but this is for real! From Washington University’s Libraries: When the late American poet James Merrill first accepted Mona Van Duyn’s personal invitation to make [...] by