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In Dialogue: Solmaz Sharif & Rickey Laurentiis at Sublevel February 3, 2017: The first issue of new digital/print magazine Sublevel has arrived! Coedited by Janice Lee and Maggie Nelson, this publication is rooted in the CalArts MFA Creative Writing Program and is [...] by

Entropy Shares Election Poetry Packet for Teachers November 9, 2016: Entropy is doing some great work today, sharing “poems for coping”; and editor Janice Lee has also shared an “impromptu poetry packet,” which you can download as a PDF! The [...] by

Announcing a New Journal Out of CalArts, SUBLEVEL October 27, 2016: Good news from Southern California: SUBLEVEL is the new online literary magazine from the CalArts MFA Writing Program. “SUBLEVEL is devoted to the nexus of literature, poetics, art, criticism, [...] by

Now for Janice Lee’s Own The Sky Isn’t Blue August 12, 2016: Janice Lee day! At Berfrois, we spied this Jessica Sequeira review of Lee’s own The Sky Isn’t Blue (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016), in which “fragmented ‘essays,’ inspired [...] by

Janice Lee Lights Up Sueyeun Juliette Lee’s Solar Maximum August 12, 2016: Janice Lee reviewed Sueyeun Juliette Lee’s new book, Solar Maximum (Futurepoem, 2015), for Electric Lit! Reminded of Will Alexander’s writing, Lee writes that the language “magenetizes, [...] by

Kenneth Goldsmith Says He Is an Outlaw June 1, 2015: To be a black man in the United States of America is to be in a constant state of war and I am tired, I’m just so tired of the war. White people want me to be dangerous, scary or sexy, they never [...] by

If We Are Ever October 20, 2014: I will start with two quotations from the book After-Cave, written by Michelle Detorie and recently published by Ahsahta Press. The first quotation: “Time is with the animal. It has a politics.” [...] by

Janice Lee Picks Winners of Best Reviews for Critical Hit Awards August 14, 2014: Electric Literature illuminates the thought and work behind the CRITICAL HIT AWARDS! This year, guest judge Janice Lee of HTMLGIANT and Entropy has chosen for the winners: Vanessa Place on Seascape [...] by

Tyrone Williams’s Summer Reads at HTMLGiant May 27, 2014: With Memorial Day behind us, we’re back in white here at Harriet and ready to bring on summer. And what better way than by getting our summer reading list in order! We have Janice Lee and the [...] by

Fire Struck on the Hylic Plane: Entropy Magazine Debuts with Will Alexander on Antonin Artaud March 26, 2014: We’re into the description for Entropy, “[a] new website featuring literary & non-literary content. A website that seeks to engage with the literary community, that becomes its own [...] by