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Jen Bervin’s Research in China Leads to ‘Su Hui’s Reversible Poem’ April 21, 2017: Jen Bervin spoke in March at the 2017 Shanghai Literary Festival about her work on Su Hui’s Xuanji Tu, “[o]ne of the earliest extant poems by a woman—also among the most complex and unsung, [...] by

5 Things that Happened at Interrupt3 that Didn’t Involve Kenneth Goldsmith April 23, 2015: I attended Interrupt3, Brown University’s third annual “discussion forum and studio at the intersection of art, literature and digital media,” as an artist-in-residence last month. This [...] by

February 19: Jen Bervin to Read at The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library February 17, 2015: Hey New Haven! Jen Bervin, whose work has been featured on these pages, will deliver a lecture at The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library entitled “On Envelopes and Silk” on [...] by

On Erasure at Jacket2 October 3, 2014: At Jacket 2, Mary Hickman takes on the politics and poetics of defacing and also, perhaps, “refacing” books with works by Jen Bervin and Mary Ruefle as two examples. At the 2013 [...] by

Who Is Doris Cross? April 25, 2014: Over at the Marfa Book Company, where there is a beautiful gallery space—and where they’ve exhibited works by Robert Grenier, Roni Horn, Rosa Barba, Luis Camnitzer, Nicolas G. Miller, among other [...] by

Ange Mlinko on the Emily Dickinson Archives January 14, 2014: At The Nation, Ange Mlinko weighs in on Emily Dickinson’s appearances in archives, and on Jen Bervin and Marta Werner’s Gorgeous Nothings. From The Nation— I can’t quite get past [...] by

My Letter to the World Is a Body but What Is It Made of and How Does It Sound January 6, 2014: When you wrote a letter—out by hand—you pressed your pen into the page, you hoped some energy into it. You folded it, you put it in an envelope, you sealed it. You stamped it and you sent it. And [...] by

New Directions to Publish First-Ever Book of Emily Dickinson Manuscript Facsimiles September 10, 2013: Gorgeous Nothings! Hardly. Good news spins forth from the New Directions blog–the press is publishing the first-ever, full-color, large-scale edition of Emily Dickinson’s “complete [...] by

What’s Cooking, July 4th? July 3, 2013: Not sure? One good place to look is this “Poets’ Recipes” spotlight at the Academy of American Poets. The spotlight includes a few handy recipes including Chocolate Peanut Butter [...] by

Tuesday June 4! Set Your Sights on 10 Emerging Poets at Poets House May 31, 2013: Jen Bervin is hosting the Emerging Poets Fellowship Reading at Poets House next Tuesday–sounds like a fun time and a good way to introduce yourselves to some new and very talented writers [...] by