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  • Featured Blogger
    By George Quasha

    Rare early photo of Franz Kamin creating a performance-installation Mind-degradable Manifesto I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to issue a manifesto like...

  • Featured Blogger
    By George Quasha

    art is (Speaking Portraits), Vol. II When for art is/poetry is/music is I first began asking poets, artists and musicians to say on camera...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Tyrone Williams

    Environmental Sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy Last month I participated in a workshop on digital archives (specifically, the conversion of analog recordings into digital files)...

  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    At the blog for Artbook & D.A.P., Wakefield Press publisher Mark Lowenthal writes about the basically unknown nineteenth-century French novel The Tutu: Morals of...

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