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A Previously Unpublished Jim Carroll Interview Surfaces May 17, 2017: At Please Kill Me, home of Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil’s latest projects, Margo Tiffen posts a previously unpublished 2001 interview with Jim Carroll, recorded at the Bendix Diner in [...] by

Sylvia Plath Is My Friend December 12, 2012: Lauren Quinn at This Recording has posted a bunch of vignettes of what it’d be like to be friends with famous (dead) poets. She talks about bad poetry readings with Jim Carroll, cooking with [...] by

“Poets and Music” at KEXP January 31, 2011: KEXP is rolling out a 10-part documentary series covering the relationship between “Poets and Music,” particularly when they enter into the recording process together. The first three are [...] by

Howdy October 3, 2009: by