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New on the Vast Horizon of Magazines That Review: HIX EROS, Available for Download November 19, 2013: Gaining hot water vapor: Issue 2 of a new journal of poetry reviews, HIX EROS, is now available for download. “Frankly, the poetry was great. Not jvſt because there were no jellyfiſh in [...] by

The Songs Matter: Dana Ward & ‘Pop Magic’ July 30, 2013: Dana Ward’s The Crisis of Infinite Worlds (Futurepoem, 2013) is reviewed at the Los Angeles Review of Books, placing it in the context of “pop literature”—here affiliates being [...] by

Constantly Bathing in the Semantic Folds of the New Lana Turner Content November 21, 2012: Issue #5 of the always-revelatory Lana Turner is out, and contains among its gemlike wonders some poetry from Catherine Wagner (also featured maintenant at PEN, but we digress), Claudia Rankine, [...] by

LOVE EMBRACES ME LIKE TERRORISM: Joe Luna’s Reading at Maine’s Gray Dorm + More Good Footage from 1980s Conference July 2, 2012: Well, we asked for it. Richard Owens of Damn the Casears (if you have not picked up the recent Crisis Inquiry, we highly recommend it, a bargain for a worthwhile tome) has posted video of seemingly [...] by