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‘a real though pleasant surprise’: On Lee Harwood, John Ashbery, & F.T. Prince December 5, 2016: Over the past few months I’ve been going to the British Library to look at the recently-opened archive of the English poet, Lee Harwood. Harwood, who died last year aged 76, produced one of the [...] by

The Slippery Boundaries of ‘I’: Megan Kaminski Interview in The Millions January 30, 2013: Anne K. Yoder’s description of Megan Kaminski’s poetry closely mirrors our own interest: “I’ve been drawn to the intelligence, the linguistic precision, and the fascination with [...] by

“Our environmental crisis could be said to have begun with the enclosures;” The Guardian’s thoughts on John Clare. July 12, 2012: If you didn’t catch it earlier, there was a fascinating bit of environmental history—and poetic analysis—posted on The Guardian on Monday. Author George Monbiot writes a love letter to John [...] by