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A Visit to John Keats’s Final Resting Place November 3, 2016: Who are the “illustrious dead” buried in Rome’s “Non-Catholic Cemetery”? The English poet John Keats, Beat poet Gregory Corso, and even the philosopher Antonio Gramsci. [...] by

Keats’s Last Words February 24, 2016: Yesterday was the anniversary of John Keats’s death, 195 years ago in 1821. At the Paris Review Michelle Stacey marks the occasion by writing about Keats’s final years and the mysterious [...] by

Can Poetry and Medicine Get Along? January 27, 2015: Those right there are the kinds of instruments that John Keats encountered during his career in medicine. (Scary!) The young bard trained as a surgeon and was tasked with dressing wounds and setting [...] by

On This Day, 1818, John Keats Sent a Sonnet of Ronsard in a Letter to an Amorous Friend September 23, 2014: At The American Reader, a feature called “This Day in Letters” presents September 23, 1818, as the day John Keats wrote to to his close friend, the English poet John Hamilton Reynolds, [...] by

John Keats: Death by Article? July 28, 2014: We had the weekend to digest Jeffrey C. Johnson’s temperature-raising post from the Paris Review, all about John Keats and reflections on fever. And on dispelling the myth propagated by [...] by

Stars, Poetry—Part III: Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius May 27, 2014: This is my third meditation on a personal wheel of poetic influence, grouped by modalities. (See here for my first one; here is my second). What Are the Modalities of the Zodiac? A Review below: [...] by

Happy Birthday, Mr. Keats October 31, 2013: Bonniest of Anniversaries to our 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Hayden, and … to … John Keats. Both have been extremely influential. Pierre Joris did us the favorable remind of negative [...] by

Will it Achieve its Nothingness? Reading a Poem Backward July 16, 2013: Brad Leithauser writes for The New Yorker about the art of reading a poem backward: Reading a poem backward is a distinctive experience, during which you’re typically asking not Where is this [...] by

Notes on Craft and Failure April 26, 2013: The techne of the builder, the craftsperson, the designer, is measurable and finite, at least at a certain basic level that defines minimal competence. One important historical criterion for poetic [...] by

This Lower World April 19, 2013: This week I’ve been thinking about the moment in Book XI of Paradise Lost when Milton’s Eve laments to Adam, when the angel Michael has arrived to dispossess them of Paradise: How shall I part [...] by