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CodeUnknown: Reading Writing April 11, 2013: Christopher Ricks’s Keats and Embarrassment and Robert Gittings’s John Keats: The Living Year are like good slide lectures on the poet and his works. Both writers quote meaningfully from Keats [...] by

Bringing John Wieners Back: Revisiting 707 Scott Street April 2, 2013: In 2001 I printed a small book, Negative Capability in the Verse of John Wieners, an outtake from my thesis for the Poetics Program at New College of California. I wanted it to look like a [...] by

Did Keats Get It All Wrong? November 14, 2012: That’s what David Orrell thinks, over at the Huffington Post. He’s, of course, referring to Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn,” where Keats writes: "Beauty is truth, truth [...] by

Ladies, Fifty Shades of Grey has NOTHING on This: Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Keats October 19, 2012: Fellow poetry lovers and “Cumberbitches”: Let us give hearty thanks to Poetry International Web Magazine for posting this YouTube video of Benedict Cumberbatch (of BBC’s [...] by

Keats was an Opium Addict September 24, 2012: Or so Nicholas Roe, author of a new Keats autobiography, says. From The Guardian: John Keats, the poet of “beauty”, a devotee of aesthetic isolation who swooned at the thought of his [...] by

No Longer Out of Print! W. J. Bate’s Negative Capability: The Intuitive Approach in Keats July 30, 2012: HEY KEATS FANS! Keep your eyes out for this book, we’d say. Long out of print, but not for long, Negative Capability: The Intuitive Approach in Keats by Walter Jackson Bate is coming soon in a [...] by

The Huffington Post invites you to play Rate! That! Prodigy! March 2, 2011: In The Huffington Post’s continued domination of the phlisticle genre (that’s the combination of a photo gallery and listicle, which is already a combination of list and article, for [...] by

Keats lives! (for a while) September 18, 2009: Poor fellow! His was an untoward fate:— ‘Tis strange the mind, that very fiery particle, Should let itself be snuffed out by an Article. —Lord Byron Keats didn’t actually die because of a [...] by