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Tradecraft July 7, 2015: Prologue “Tradecraft” is the first in a series of essays that address disintermediation and convergence as it relates to design, aesthetic philosophy, authorship, poetry, and the packaging of [...] by

At Coldfront: Jon Leon’s Look at American Gigolo’s Ethical Materialism October 17, 2012: The most current iteration of Coldfront’s feature “Poets Off Poetry” has got Jon Leon writing on none other than the old wiseman’s tale, American Gigolo, which stars a young, [...] by

Eric Amling & Jon Leon Together AT LAST at BOMB June 5, 2012: Eric Amling interviews Jon Leon for BOMB. Amling, remarking on the “soft lens” over the pages of Leon’s new book, The Malady of the Century (Futurepoem 2012), talks to Leon about [...] by

Blake Butler Reviews Dodie Bellamy, Jon Leon, Tomaž Šalamun for VICE May 21, 2012: Over at VICE, Blake Butler has reviewed three books that cause the good reader to reflect momentarily on sex and power. Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt-Ups (Tender Buttons, 2001), a cult favorite, if we [...] by

Brandon Brown on Lana Del Ray & Jon Leon March 1, 2012: Fantastic. Brandon Brown responds to Jon Leon’s The Malady of the Century, just out from Futurepoem Books. Right off the bat, Brown compares the melodramatic “malady” to Lana Del [...] by