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Ecopoetics Conference Panels, Roundtables, and More! November 20, 2012: Earlier, we reported on the 2013 Ecopoetics Conference here. Now, panels, roundtables, and seminars are listed. It’s an impressively awesome list, so make the jump and check it out! by

Jonathan Skinner’s Poems Set to Field Recordings of Animal and Natural Soundscapes October 3, 2012: Check out this article in the Harvard Gazette about a collaboration between electronic musician/field recording artist Bernie Krause and poet/Ecopoetics founder Jonathan Skinner. Here’s a [...] by

Ever wonder about Ecopoetics? May 8, 2012: Jonathan Skinner has been thinking about ecopoetics for quite awhile, and we think it’s about time our Harriet readers start to as well (if they haven’t been already). If you’re [...] by