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Mikhail Baryshnikov Remembers His First Meeting With Joseph Brodsky in New York April 4, 2017: “Joseph’s appearance in my life meant guidance, in everything from simple everyday matters to bigger moral issues,” Mikhail Baryshnikov recalls. That’s Joseph Brodsky [...] by

Kathryn Harrison Discusses Her Favorite Passage of Joseph Brodsky’s Writing, at the Atlantic May 3, 2016: Kathryn Harrison is the author of True Crimes: A Family Album. At the Atlantic Harrison shares one of her tips for writing students (“stop thinking”) and reflects on her favorite Joseph [...] by

‘Intolerable’: Authors Against Amazon Speak Out September 30, 2014: When literary lions unite, we can only hope that it will strike fear into the hearts of keepers of the Amazon. This week NY Times reports that in addition to Hachette authors, the outcry into the [...] by

Joseph Brodsky’s Reading List November 19, 2013: Would you like to have an intelligent conversation? If your convo is to live up Joseph Brodsky’s standards, you better get reading. To get you started, here’s Brodsky’s list [...] by

Entertainment Tonight, Zombie Edition: Joseph Brodsky Criticizes Contemporaries From Beyond the Grave November 1, 2013: Here’s a holdover from our Halloween coverage, and one for the record books. A half-hour interview recorded with Nobel Prize winning poet, Joseph Brodsky, in 1972, has surfaced and since been [...] by

1987 Interview with Joseph Brodsky Published at TinHouse January 24, 2013: In 1987 Marcia DeSanctis, then a producer for ABC, set out to interview leading Soviet writers exiled in the US “to get their take on the literary reforms coming out of Moscow.” The [...] by

Brodsky Week May 22, 2012: Another update on the Joseph Brodsky musuem. According to this brief post from The Voice of Russia: Russia’s St.Petersburg is hosting the Brodsky Week dedicated to the May 24 birth day of the Nobel [...] by

“Carl and Ellendea Proffer were Russian literature” March 21, 2012: At the Moscow Times, John Freedman has a terrific piece remembering the life and work of Carl and Ellendea Proffer and Joseph Brodsky. Freedman begins by discussing Proffer’s contribution to [...] by

Brodsky Museum Update February 2, 2012: The museum slated to open in Joseph Brodsky’s family flat faced financial troubles, but it looks like it may still happen with help from the good ol’ U S of A, according to this article [...] by

A call for more poetry activists among the laureates March 29, 2011: In an opinion piece for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Julia Baird laments the relative invisibility of poet laureates among the general public. The deficiency isn’t in the public’s taste for [...] by