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  • Featured Blogger
    By Brandon Shimoda

    I became the corpse, because—and then, it floats away again. —Alice Notley, In the Pines recall, translucent and disposable, the remaining corpses. —Roberto Tejada, Lost Continent And one...

  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    Poetry Crush's sweethearts have culled together a quite lovely collection of good tidings for the biggest of hearts this Valentine's Day. Volume I includes...

  • From Poetry Magazine
    By Lindsay Garbutt

    Yves Klein in the Void Room (Raum der Leere), Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, January 1961. “I used to keep a list of books in...

  • Poetry News
    By Harriet Staff

    Though they missed the chance to capture Amy Lawless's (can we say...trademark?) huge blue eyes by photographing them in black-and-white, Interview Magazine did bring...

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