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Julien Poirier & Charles Plymell Convo at City Lights Blog May 1, 2017: While we were blogging away last month, Julien Poirier was in conversation with Charles Plymell at the City Lights blog, Abandon All Despair Ye Who Enter Here. Plymell was a key figure in the San [...] by

A New York City Interview With Julien Poirier April 17, 2017: This weekend’s edition of Hyperallergic features an interview with Julien Poirier by Jeffrey Grunthaner (“Going Crazy in New York and San Francisco: An Interview with Poet Julien [...] by

Joy of Seeing: Benjamin Hollander Reviewed Julien Poirier for Boston Review January 13, 2017: Benjamin Hollander reviewed Julien Poirier’s Out of Print (City Lights, 2016) for Boston Review. The editors append a saddening note: “Poet, editor, and teacher Benjamin Hollander died on [...] by

Diasporican Poets Mixtape: Side One September 8, 2016: It’s been a challenging twenty months for Puerto Rico. Against the backdrop of an ongoing economic and political crisis and the PROMESA bill’s imposition of a financial control board or [...] by

How Do You Do, Julien Poirier? July 29, 2016: At the Bay Area’s Litseen, an interview with Julien Poirier! “When people ask what do you do, you tell them…?” asks Rebecca Samuelson, to which Poirier replies, [...] by

Garrett Caples Introduces Julien Poirier’s Poetry Album Excellence Higher in Canada March 18, 2016: You can’t get enough of it! At City Lights’s blog Abandon All Despair Ye Who Enter Here, Garrett Caples brings to readers’ attention Julien Poirier’s innovative poetry album [...] by

Patrick James Dunagan Considers Frank Lima’s New and Selected Poems at Bookslut March 9, 2016: For an in-depth and considered appraisal of Frank Lima’s Incidents of Travel in Poetry: New and Selected Poems (City Lights, 2015), you’ll want to head to Bookslut where Patrick James [...] by

Chicago Tribune Reviews Incidents of Travel in Poetry February 4, 2016: That’s right, Frank Lima’s new and selected works is now in the world thanks to Garrett Caples and Julien Poirier’s editorial care and insight. At Chicago Tribune Jake Marmer gives [...] by

Celebrate Frank Lima at St. Mark’s Poetry Project January 26, 2016: Hey New Yorkers, if you’re shoveled out and the streets are clear, venture down to the Poetry Project tomorrow to check out a celebration of the life and work of Frank Lima, as hosted by Julien [...] by

‘The Ranks of Mediocrity Run Deep:’ Julien Poirier at City Lights Blog December 12, 2014: On a nightly basis, residents in Oakland, Berkeley, and beyond have been protesting a wave of violence inflicted by police officers on young, African-American men. At the City Lights Publishers blog, [...] by