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Kate Durbin Text Messages With Taleen Kali at Dum Dum September 12, 2016: For this month’s edition of Dum Dum Zine’s Text Message Interviews, editor-in-chief Taleen Kali texts with Kate Durbin. The performance/digital/lyric/everything poet tells all about her [...] by

Introducing Abra: A Living Text February 15, 2016: At VICE’s Creators Project: the story behind Kate Durbin, Amaranth Borsuk, and Ian Hatcher’s interactive poetry app, Abra, which describes itself as a “living text.” [...] by

Kate Durbin Discusses Los Angeles, Literary Television, Costume and More With Dorothea Lasky January 4, 2016: Dorothea Lasky is back at the Los Angeles Review of Books with a brand-new three-part series of interviews as part of her column “Five Questions and Five Answers.” The theme of this [...] by

From Mr. Hegel to Mr. Snuggles: Throw Some Love to Insert Blanc Press Pronto July 2, 2015: Insert Blanc Press is–in the words of Poetic Research Bureau’s Joseph Mosconi–a good press and a loving death cult. We heartily agree! Insert Blanc, based in Los Angeles and [...] by

The Durbins, Together (in Conversation) at Last December 16, 2014: Over the weekend at The Believer Logger: Durbin X Durbin! For those of you who don’t know your Durbins from atom, that’s Kate Durbin and Andrew Durbin (no relation [or: “it’s [...] by

Los Angeles Review of Books Hosts Girls of Spectacular Culture: Brian Kim Stefans in Conversation with Kate Durbin October 21, 2014: Los Angeles Review of Books hosts a dialogue between Brian Kim Stefans and Kate Durbin in its most recent installment. Durbin and Stefans’s conversation centers around themes of authenticity [...] by

Kate Durbin in Conversation at BOMB August 1, 2014: BOMB’s Gabriela Jauregui speaks with poet and fashion-icon Kate Durbin about her new book, E! Entertainment: out now from Wonder. We look forward to reading Durbin’s book after reading [...] by

Kate Durbin Talks Pop Anthropology at xoJane May 21, 2014: Los Angeles-based poet, performance artist, and writer Kate Durbin (she of E! Entertainment, Wonder 2014) is interviewed at xoJane about how her new book is “a little like watching a reality [...] by

‘It’s a lot of power we wield!’ A Conversation With Ben Fama & Kate Durbin October 1, 2013: We’ve been waiting for this for annuals, like begonias and bachelor’s button, oh my; we just didn’t know it. Your eyes burning too? It’s because Kate Durbin and Ben Fama are [...] by

Kate Durbin Discusses ‘Girls Online’ Tumblr Project January 17, 2013: Alicia Eler has posted part one of a two-part interview with poet and artist Kate Durbin in the online magazine Hyperallergic. Their conversation focuses on Durbin’s Tumblr project “Girls, [...] by