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Notes for National Corpse Month, Part Three April 14, 2015: Three springs ago, I taught a class on documentary poetics. It met in the library of a literary/arts organization near downtown Tucson, Arizona. At the first meeting I showed Stan Brakhage’s The [...] by

Time Out New York Recommends 10 Chapbooks! December 12, 2014: Time Out New York adores chapbooks, who knew. The weekly finds them to be “pocket-sized gems” “favored by poets” that often offer “exceptional lesser-known writing [...] by

One Day Only: Kate Zambreno on Kathy Acker September 22, 2014: Frances Farmer Is My Sister is back! For today. Kate Zambreno has posted an excerpt of a forthcoming essay on Kathy Acker, to be in book form soon in Feminist Press’s ICON anthology, edited by [...] by

Kate Zambreno’s Faves of 2013 December 6, 2013: As the march of the best books of 2013 chugs along, we pause to take a look at what Kate Zambreno has found exciting in the literary field of 2013. At Vol. 1 Brooklyn Zambreno mentions many great [...] by

Not TMI: Kate Zambreno’s Kafka Essay July 9, 2013: Kate Zambreno has written about depression as passivity, dying on the Internet, and a scroll of like-minded helpings for those of us who write at her blog Frances Farmer Is My Sister. It’s an [...] by

In Conversation: Kate Durbin & Kate Zambreno Trust Their Art July 11, 2012: Over at the newish HER KIND, (recently talked about here) our favorite Kates (sorry, whoever we are forgetting for purposes of writing about this) “channel the howl.” Kate Durbin and Kate [...] by

Performance and Narrative: Craft Notes April 10, 2011: Last night, in the Dikeou Gallery in Denver, as part of the launch for TITMOUSE magazine, I gave, towards the end of the evening —  a performance, that built in me: :as I sat in my chair. [...] by