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Kathy Acker & the Late 1970s Toronto Art Scene February 10, 2017: At Canadian Art, “Kathy Acker Goes to Toronto!” Jason McBride details the “evolving, competitive, fractious Toronto art scene” of the 1970s, and Kathy Acker’s visit in [...] by

Announcing the Very Red Lost & Found Series V!! June 2, 2015: We always want to keep you wise to what’s wise. In that regard, please hail the coming of Lost & Found Series V! The CUNY Center for the Humanities has done it again, this time featuring [...] by

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: V Manuscript April 20, 2015: On a facebook thread not too long ago I told V Manuscript that I would like for him to come to the Bay Area and deliver a large volume of his own blood directly into an open wound located somewhere [...] by

Poetry Mixtape Volume VI March 27, 2015: Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta is an artist & casual historian living in San Francisco. Their first chapbook, PDF, was published by Solar Luxuriance in 2014. With Elana Chavez, they organize the [...] by

An Essay on Kathy Acker & McKenzie Wark’s I’m Very Into You March 16, 2015: An essay about Kathy Acker and McKenzie Wark’s correspondence is up at Full Stop. Just out, I’m Very Into You (Semiotext(e) 2015) tracks a “heated e-mail correspondence” [...] by

Inaugural Kathy Acker Fellowship Offered by Les Figues Press February 19, 2015: Such great news for Kathy Acker fans (and anyone else with that bent, we’d imagine): Les Figues Press is offering a Kathy Acker Fellowship, currently accepting applications! In honor of the [...] by

One Day Only: Kate Zambreno on Kathy Acker September 22, 2014: Frances Farmer Is My Sister is back! For today. Kate Zambreno has posted an excerpt of a forthcoming essay on Kathy Acker, to be in book form soon in Feminist Press’s ICON anthology, edited by [...] by

Very Into You: Chris Kraus Preps Believers for Kathy Acker’s Emails with MacKenzie Wark at the Dawn of the Internet Era September 5, 2014: Holy Moley, there’s a new book on the horizon edited by Matias Viegener that includes the tre romantique emails of new media theorist MacKenzie Wark and Kathy Acker. Chris Kraus maps it out for [...] by

Kathy Acker Biography to Be Published in 2017 + Happy Birthday Allen Ginsberg June 3, 2014: This just in: The rights to Kathy Acker’s biography–KATHY ACKER: Her Revolutionary Life and Work, by Jason McBride–have been sold; and the publication in 2017, on the 20th [...] by

‘We Probably Need, Like, 10 Vidas’: Zoe Tuck and Axes for the Frozen Sea Inside Us May 3, 2014: Born in Texas, Zoe Tuck has been a participant in the Bay Area literary scene since 2008: she co-curated the Condensery Reading Series in Oakland and worked at Small Press Distribution for many [...] by