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Bringing Francis Ponge Into an American English October 28, 2016: Joshua Corey’s piece on translating Francis Ponge is up today at Poetry Society of America. Corey acknowledges he had much to overcome before co-translating (alongside Jean-Luc Garneau) [...] by

Tan Lin on TV With a Life, Insomnia and the Aunt, & More July 10, 2015: At the Asian American Writers’ Workshop blog, The Margins, “no-single-medium man” Tan Lin discusses his 2011 book, Insomnia and the Aunt (Kenning Editions), “which explores [...] by

Rhetorics as Raw Material: On the Complex Work of Daniel Borzutzky June 29, 2015: At Jacket2, Kristin Dykstra writes about both the translation and creative work of Daniel Borzutzky, and how the two modes interrelate as she reads across his oeuvre, focusing on Borzutzky’s 2015 [...] by

Kenning Editions Announces New Nonfiction Series May 5, 2015: This just in: Kenning Editions has just announced Ordinance, a new nonfiction series (2015-2016)! Ordinance, a critical series, issues nonfiction writing in the areas of contemporary poetics, [...] by

Trisha Low’s 18th-Century Conduct Book October 2, 2014: Not easily dismissed: a rigorous review of Trisha Low’s The Compleat Purge (Kenning Editions 2014) by Karissa LaRoque at GUTS, “an open-access, peer-reviewed Canadian feminist [...] by

The Ambient Parkers of Pamela Lu’s Ambient Parking Lot July 22, 2014: Amanda Davidson writes in brief for The Believer about Pamela Lu’s Ambient Parking Lot (Kenning Editions 2011); The Believer includes notes about the world’s largest parking lot, which is [...] by

Prefatory Remarks for Tarnac, A Preparatory Act Composed by Jean-Marie Gleize, for Warscapes March 31, 2014: At Warscapes, Jean-Marie Gleize on his new book of poetry in English, published in January by Kenning Editions: Tarnac, a preparatory act is the most recent volume in my cycle of works published in [...] by

Johannes Göransson on the Ambient Maternal Narratives of Gro Dahle & Dolores Dorantes March 24, 2014: Johannes Göransson writes about Gro Dahle and Dolores Dorantes for Montevidayo. (We recently pointed to a review by Seth Abramson at HuffPo of Dahle’s book, A Hundred Thousand Hours [UDP [...] by

THE COMPLEAT Vice OF TRISHA LOW ++ Watch Her in Vivian November 25, 2013: Refuse (refuse?) to disavow; indulge your voyeurism: Blake Butler read Trisha Low’s first book, The Compleat Purge (Kenning Editions 2013) and sent some questions her way for Vice. Trisha Low [...] by

Visual & Aural Fix on Laura Elrick’s Propogation September 10, 2013: Laura Elrick’s recent book, Propagation (Kenning Editions 2012), gets a deserving review at HTMLGIANT. Nicholas Grider writes that the seemingly quiet poems are in fact “loud shouts and [...] by