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Open Letter From a Poet to the Alarmist Org Behind the Professor Watchlist January 18, 2017: An open letter from Portland-based poet Derek Mong to the right-wing Turning Point USA, organizers of the Professor Watchlist, “a catalogue of instructors who ‘advance a radical [...] by

Rosebud Ben-Oni Looks at the Work of Kaveh Akbar in Two-Part Series August 25, 2016: Rosebud Ben-Oni writes about Kaveh Akbar for the Kenyon Review, considering happiness and survival: “Is to understand yourself survival and to understand another happiness? Does understanding [...] by

An Enlightening Conversation With Nate Klug at the Kenyon Review February 17, 2016: At the Kenyon Review, an interview with poet Nate Klug, whose Rude Woods, a translation of Virgil’s Eclogues, came out in 2013 from The Song Cave. Klug talks about his poem “Aporia,” [...] by

At Kenyon Review: Khaled Mattawa’s Thoughts on Translating and Writing Poetry September 23, 2014: In this Kenyon Review article about identity, empowerment, translating and writing poetry, Khaled Mattawa, one of this year’s MacArthur Fellows, explains why translating Arab poets into English [...] by

A Thinking Book: Lindsay Turner Reviews The Antidote July 25, 2014: Lindsay Turner reviews Jack Frost! Whatta pair. At The Kenyon Review Online, Turner starts off her thinking on The Antidote (Compline Editions 2013) with Virginia Woolf (whatta pair) and [...] by

Interviewing Marjorie Perloff About Italian Futurism & the ‘Futurist Poetic’ September 27, 2013: The Kenyon Review blog’s Andrew David King hosts an in-depth interview with Marjorie Perloff on Italian Futurism–Part 1 of “Futurism Revisited” covers the cultural break in [...] by

An Epiphanic Interview With Mary Ruefle August 21, 2013: The Kenyon Review blog has published an interview with Mary Ruefle–conducted over mail! Interlocuter Andrew David King also wrote an introduction for the conversation a week or so ago, in which [...] by