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A Playlist for Poetry’s February 2017 Issue February 10, 2017: For our February 2017 playlist, we asked contributor Kiki Petrosino to curate a selection of music for us. You can read about her approach to creating the playlist below. Click here to open the [...] by

Immaculate Heart February 9, 2017: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Kiki Petrosino’s poem “Nursery” appears in the February 2017 issue. Previous posts in this series can be [...] by

Kiki Petrosino and Jeremy Michael Clark at The Conversant December 2, 2015: Although they were on campus at the University of Louisville at the same time, Jeremy Michael Clark writes in the prologue to his interview with Kiki Petrosino, he first became acquainted with [...] by

Kiki Petrosino’s Hymn for the Black Terrific Reviewed at Boston Review September 23, 2015: We’ve had Kiki Petrosino on our mind this week, first with this post here, and now with Carmen Giménez Smith’s review of Petrosino’s latest collection, Hymn for the Black Terrific, [...] by

Kiki Petrosino Discusses Change and People at PBS Newshour September 22, 2015: For PBS Newshour’s on-going exploration about poetry, Corrine Segal considers Kiki Petrosino and her writing. Petrosino began thinking about poetry while listening to Casey Kasem’s [...] by

‘What would a haiku/soap opera be without/an evil head nurse?’: David Trinidad Live-Haikus Peyton Place November 22, 2013: I first watched the movie Peyton Place with my grandmother in the late 70s. She and I watched just about everything on TV: musicals, shows about UFOs, gritty and inappropriate 70s dramas, and cheesy [...] by

13 bloggers cover 61 years of 57 National Book Award poets in 10 weeks January 11, 2011: For ten weeks beginning in February, The National Book Foundation will host a celebration of 61 years of National Book Awards poetry winners. Taking place both on their website and in panels and [...] by