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Coming Soon: An Anthology of Contemporary (Experimental) French Poetry December 8, 2016: Writing the Real, edited by Nina Parish and Emma Wagstaff, is a new bilingual anthology of contemporary French poetry forthcoming from the U.K.’s beautiful Enitharmon Press. About time we saw [...] by

Kenneth Goldsmith Says He Is an Outlaw June 1, 2015: To be a black man in the United States of America is to be in a constant state of war and I am tired, I’m just so tired of the war. White people want me to be dangerous, scary or sexy, they never [...] by

Imagined Objects April 24, 2014: The Imagination, which we cannot anatomically locate in any rustling branch of gray matter, or toss coins into, as if a fountain—here, in this season of cruelty and of spleen, we watch Her [...] by

A Journey with Hermes April 8, 2014: In November last year I left San Francisco for ten days to go to Providence and teach a poets theater workshop at Brown.  A kind friend, hearing I would be in New England, if that’s how you say [...] by

Blake Butler on Danielle Collobert’s Murder August 21, 2013: Blake Butler reviewed Danielle Collobert’s Murder (Litmus Press) for VICE…some other good’uns there too, incl. Throne of Blood by Cassandra Troyan (Solar Luxuriance Press), Grace [...] by

Kit Schluter Interviews Nathanaël About Danielle Collobert’s Murder March 14, 2013: Kit Schluter, translator of Marcel Schwob’s The Book of Monelle (as we elaborated upon here), spotlights today none other than Danielle Collobert, the French poet whose suicide in 1978 left us [...] by

Mon Elle! Rediscovering the Unofficial Bible of the French Symbolists, Newly Translated by Kit Schluter October 23, 2012: It’s not often you are confronted with Claude Cahun’s uncle, Marcel Schwob, in his best-understood form (or many of them…a genre elusiveness…a blend of poetry, fiction, and [...] by