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Advice From and on Poetry June 15, 2016: Like many embarrassing poets, I’ve been working on a “novel.” No, it’s worse than that: I’m working on “a novella in two parts,” Shit Advice for Today’s Men and Women, the first half [...] by

Kristen Gallagher’s ‘3 Pieces That Are at Least 85% Accurate’ March 28, 2016: A little happy something left over from last week . . . here may we present “3 PIECES THAT ARE AT LEAST 85% ACCURATE,” by Kristen Gallagher, published at Fanzine. Yes we may. Or at least [...] by

‘Can Conceptualism be a Springboard for Ways of Reading Poetry?’ Lindsay Turner Gets Conceptual at Boston Review May 14, 2014: What does it mean??? Prompted by Kristen Gallagher’s interview with Steve Zultanski on Jacket2, Lindsay Turner considers ways that conceptual writing may open up new ways of reading poetry. As [...] by

Responses & [Non]Non-Comforts Re: the ConPo / Affect Debate July 31, 2013: For those of you desiring to keep up with the most recent incarnation of debate/discussion around Conceptual writing–started anew with Cal Bedient’s piece on affect at the Boston Review, [...] by

Kaegan Sparks on ‘Inter-Generic’ Curating March 8, 2013: In dialog with Kristen Gallagher at Jacket2, Kaegan Sparks talks about her curatorial relationship to interdisciplinary work and increasingly blurred genre boundaries. We’re particularly [...] by

Kristen Gallagher on Coding Poetry February 25, 2013: We continue to be excited by the emergence of smart digital poetries and sophisticated critical discourse to match. Case in point: over at Jacket2, Kristen Gallagher takes us on a walk through of [...] by

Holly Melgard Answers, ‘Why Not Childbirth?’ February 14, 2013: Some readings generate immediate reactivity (ow) and are then written about but it’s, uh, to no avail? Others generate immediate reactivity (aah) and are then written about only to, yay, [...] by

Jacket Archives: Bob Perelman Feature February 5, 2013: It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of content on Jacket2, but we visit the site daily and regularly return to the site’s archives. Happily, the Jacket2 editors frequently [...] by

On Kristen Gallagher’s We Are Here January 30, 2013: Kristen Gallagher’s new book, We Are Here (Truck Books 2013), has been reviewed by Hannah Ensor for The Volta’s Friday Feature. If you’ve read Gallagher’s essay from the [...] by

Kristen Gallagher Revisits Tan Lin’s 7CV May 31, 2011: Jacket2 today features a sustained review by Kristen Gallagher of Tan Lin’s Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking (or 7CV, or SCV) (Wesleyan University Press [...] by