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Literary Hub on Poetry as a Medium for Celebrities’ Cause Célèbre March 7, 2017: From Lindsay Lohan to James Franco, celebrities have a habit of dalliances with poetry. Most of the time, Literary Hub writer Philippa Snow writes, their experiments with the genre don’t yield [...] by

Kismetly I Rear and Wonder February 14, 2014: Kristen Stewart is hardly the first celebrity to write and share her poetry—count James Franco, Jewel, Tupac Shakur, Jimmy Carter and Ally Sheedy among her various forebears—but she might be the [...] by

Kristen Stewart Writes Poetry, Shares Poetry, Receives Serious Feedback February 11, 2014: You all know by now that Kristen Stewart shared a poem of hers with Marie Claire (you can also read it on IndieWire’s blog, The Playlist); it’s even gotten its immediate due on Poetry [...] by