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‘Metaphors are all we have to describe memory’: Kristin Prevallet’s ‘A Burning Is Not A Letting Go’ at Guernica May 16, 2016: In response to Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents, the theories of Oliver Sachs, and verse by Palestinian-American poet Fady Joudah—in collaboration with Suzanne Levine’s [...] by

Mapping the New Coast with Chris Funkhouser at Jacket2 May 7, 2014: At Jacket2 Chris Funkhouser reflects on his experience as an attendee at the New Coast Festival, organized by Juliana Spahr and Peter Gizzi at SUNY-Buffalo in 1993. Charles Bernstein and I met for [...] by

Flavorwire’s Guerrilla Poetry Brigade July 9, 2013: Here’s a great one, courtesy of Flavorwire: “10 Guerrilla Poetry Projects.” Let’s first take a look at Emily P. Lawsin’s project, a spoken word performance honoring [...] by

From Jacket2: A Brief History of the Buffalo Poetics Program June 10, 2013: Jacket 2 presents this stellar feature about the history of the Buffalo Poetics Program. The constellated survey includes a collection of links to articles about the program such as a Selected [...] by

Kristin Prevallet’s Process Notes for New Belladonna* Book After Four Quartets August 29, 2012: In advance of the publication of Kristin Prevallet’s Everywhere Here and in Brooklyn, “a work of beautiful seriousness by her variation on, homage to, shadowing of, and critical [...] by

Revisiting Kristin Prevallet on Poetry Criticism June 3, 2011: Jacket2 has reposted a great piece by Kristin Prevallet from 2000 (Jacket #11) on poetry and critical writing, or as it’s more aptly titled there, “Why Poetry Criticism Sucks.” A [...] by