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Entropy Shares Election Poetry Packet for Teachers November 9, 2016: Entropy is doing some great work today, sharing “poems for coping”; and editor Janice Lee has also shared an “impromptu poetry packet,” which you can download as a PDF! The [...] by

Langston Hughes Is Having a Really Good Fall September 23, 2016: How did a Langston Hughes poem get a full page placement in the New York Times yesterday? The team at FishbowlNY offers very thorough analysis as to the origins of yesterday’s reprint of [...] by

CNN Money Reports on the Looming Sale of Langston Hughes’s Harlem Home August 23, 2016: Langston Hughes’s typewriter still sits on the shelf inside of his Harlem home that real estate agents speculate is worth as much as $3 million. CNN Money meets with Renee Watson, the Hughes [...] by

To Be Asked for a Kiss February 1, 2016: Suicide’s Note           by Langston Hughes The calm, Cool face of the river Asked me for a kiss.   The desire to be dead and the desire not [...] by

Langston Hughes: Poems, Photos, and Notebooks from Turkestan Reviewed at Publishers Weekly November 5, 2015: Publishers Weekly just reviewed Langston Hughes: Poems, Photos, and Notebooks from Turkestan, edited by Zohra Saed for CUNY’s Lost & Found Series V (which also featured Kathy Acker, [...] by

Announcing the Very Red Lost & Found Series V!! June 2, 2015: We always want to keep you wise to what’s wise. In that regard, please hail the coming of Lost & Found Series V! The CUNY Center for the Humanities has done it again, this time featuring [...] by

‘a lance to pierce the possible’: Reading N. H. Pritchard May 26, 2015: I would like to shift away from discussing the deployment of whiteness in conceptual, avant-garde, or experimental writing. In my previous post, “Canvases Pale,” I included a definition [...] by

Writing w/Strangers: A Poetry for the People in Philadelphia April 14, 2015: You a poet / man? Uh-huh, uh-huh Me too. —Etheridge Knight Sixteen years ago, I was a disenchanted grad student living in West Philly in a second-floor row house apartment. Mark (now my husband) [...] by

Poetry Mixtape Volume IV March 23, 2015: While hunting down the poems for D. Scot Miller’s playlist, I remembered that we were housemates for a brief period in 2008. Along with Doug (as I know D. Scot), I lived with the artist Tân [...] by

Hilton Als on McCarthy-era Langston Hughes February 19, 2015: In 1953, Langston Hughes was one of many writers brought before Joseph McCarthy’s Subcommittee on Un-American Activities. He and playwright Elmer Rice (who wrote the amazing Adding Machine, and [...] by