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Notes Toward a New Language: Holes: On Marguerite Duras April 22, 2015: Marguerite Duras’s writing is filled with holes. Her writing is made of holes, filled with holes, because her life is made up of holes. Pock-marked and moth-bitten, it is a map of the disaster. [...] by

National Poetry Month Public Service Overview April 8, 2013: As a public service, since it’s National Poetry Month, and since there seems to be a considerable deficit of awareness about what contemporary poetry is all about, I thought I’d provide a brief [...] by

“Linguistic resistance” in Book Smugglers documentary February 3, 2011: BOOK SMUGGLERS trailer from ERA FILM on Vimeo. Book Smugglers is a documentary exploring the risks taken by the Lithuanian “book smugglers” who fought to preserve their language and [...] by