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‘Poetry into the Cosmos’: Looking for (Mrs) Laura (Riding) Jackson July 23, 2014: Who was (Mrs) Laura (Riding) Jackson? In this web-exclusive article published at Brooklyn Rail, Benjamin Hollander remembers searching for Jackson, from the Jamaica (Queens) of his youth. Andrea [...] by

Part II: Andrea Rexilius on Laura (Riding) Jackson March 11, 2014: As promised last week, Part II of Andrea Rexilius’s essay on Laura (Riding) Jackson and the self is here at last, brought to you by Coldfront. Laura (Riding) Jackson’s most narrative poems, [...] by

Poetry Serves Itself: Andrea Rexilius on Laura (Riding) Jackson February 27, 2014: We were wondering when another great read about Laura (Riding) Jackson would come along. Just our luck, today at Coldfront is Andrea Rexilius’s “Against the Commodity of the Poem (part [...] by

David Graeber Talks at Former Home of Laura Riding & Robert Graves July 11, 2013: Over at POETOPOGRAPHY, where “poetry walks, poetry talks, poetry readings etc.” are duly marked, we have a photo of David Graeber (author of Debt) at the site where it is said enough [...] by

The Literary Memoirs of Laura Riding Jackson February 19, 2013: We’re grateful whenever literary scholars and historians attend to the work of a brilliant and overlooked poet, especially because such poets are often women. In an essay for Jacket2 on Laura [...] by

Robert Graves on film: “He is a fine enough writer to rise above any scandal” February 14, 2011: The Telegraph reports on the film The Laureate about Robert Graves’ private life, set to begin filming later this year with Orlando Bloom in the title role. Though Roya Nikkhah describes the [...] by

Beyond Careerism? (Redistributing Poetic Effort) March 12, 2010: This past week at Poetry Foundation Jim Behrle published a talk he’d given at St. Mark’s Poetry Project last month (and which apparently first appeared at one of his blogs some time back) [...] by