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Elementary School Student Interviews Lawrence Ferlinghetti March 15, 2017: We don’t want to miss this one–Lawrence Ferlinghetti was interviewed by an elementary school student late last month–so here you go. Originally published by The New Yick Times, the [...] by

Hyperallergic Puts Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Painting in Context August 8, 2016: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the nonagenarian who, as publisher of City Lights and proprietor of City Lights Bookstore, lead American writers and readers out of the perils of censorship, into a tradition [...] by

New York Times’s on Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Novel-Memoir To the Light House June 27, 2016: Legendary San Francisco poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti has had an unlikely friendship with his literary agent, Sterling Lord, for six decades. The two, who met in the height of the sixties, continue to [...] by

Happy Birthday Lawrence Ferlinghetti! March 24, 2016: Writer’s Almanac reminded us this morning that today is City Lights founder and legendary Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mr. Ferlinghetti! From Writer’s [...] by

Lawrence Ferlinghetti Documents Nagasaki August 12, 2015: He’s at it again! The New York Times shares an eight-minute video of Lawrence Ferlinghetti (which originated at the website of City Lights Bookstore) in which Ferlinghetti reads “Tentative [...] by

The Guardian Visits Lawrence Ferlinghetti in San Francisco July 7, 2015: At 96, Lawrence Ferlinghetti still has a lot to say about his life in the Beat Generation. On the eve of the publication of two new books, I Greet You at the Beginning of a Great Career: The Selected [...] by

Lawrence Ferlinghetti to Have a Very Good Year June 12, 2015: At NPR: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, at age 96, “isn’t done yet.” “Today, he’s still co-owner of City Lights, one of the most celebrated independent book stores in America. [...] by

KQED’s ‘Boomtown’ Series Visits Lawrence Ferlinghetti March 6, 2015: As part of KQED’s new “Boomtown” series which aims to document the ways that San Francisco is changing: a visit with 95-year-old San Francisco hero Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who [...] by

South Windsor High School English Teacher Suspended After Exposing Students to Inappropriate Poem March 4, 2015: Wait for it… it’s an Allen Ginsberg poem! And yet, unlike Ginsberg’s poem “Howl” which was seized by U.S. customs in 1956, resulting in the arrest of Howl and Other [...] by

City Lights Celebrates Banned Books Week September 26, 2014: It’s almost the end of Banned Books Week! Before the festivities come to a close, don’t forget to check out the party at the City Lights Blog, Abandon All Despair Ye Who Enter Here, for a [...] by