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HuffPost’s Valentine to Internet Poetry November 11, 2015: In truth, most poets like the internet (social media is another thing), however The Huffington Post has compiled this handy listicle summarizing a few of the most visible poets utilizing the [...] by

Beauty Has Won: Leigh Stein on Ana Božičević in New NOÖ Journal August 27, 2014: “I’d rather be endeared than alienated,” writes Leigh Stein in the new issue of NOÖ Journal! While we would rather be alienated than endeared, we’d argue Ana Božičević can [...] by

Flavorwire Gives Us 23 People to Make Us Care About Poetry August 1, 2013: As if, dear Harriet reader, you didn’t already, here are 23 (more!) people to make us care about poetry, thanks to our friends at Flavorwire. The people include the likes of Michael Robbins, [...] by

Poetry Reading Etiquette August 1, 2012: …And no, this post isn’t for audience members. Recalling a painfully awkward experience at a reading, poet Leigh Stein gives a brief how-to guide for poets of all experience levels. Her [...] by

Leigh Stein’s Dispatch from the Future Reviewed at Publisher’s Weekly July 24, 2012: Leigh Stein’s new book Dispatch from the Future (Melville House) is almost out, and just received a review from Publisher’s Weekly, which continues to write about poetry in the Fiction [...] by

I Dreamt I Went to the 2012 Poets House Showcase Opening, and It Was Real July 16, 2012: Who: Corina Copp What: Poets House Showcase When: Saturday, June 30, 2012 Where: New York “Open Door” features audio, video, and online media to document dynamic interactions between poetry and [...] by