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Two Chicagos May 8, 2014: Carl Sandburg’s poem “Chicago” turned 100 the other day. That is, March 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of its original publication in Poetry, along with eight other “Chicago Poems.” Two [...] by

Impossible Music /5/ Making Music May 2, 2013: When I ran Monday hoot nights at The Coffee Gallery I remember several vivid sessions and appearances. • Young beardless Jerry Garcia up from Palo Alto. He brought his banjo and sat in with other [...] by

Some of the World’s Diamonds April 12, 2013: It was the perfect form of bibliomancy. There was a volume of encyclopedias strewn from La Mystique Braiding up to my apartment door on Fillmore. I grabbed the first one in reach and out fell a page [...] by

Dunagan’s 25 Points on Lew Welch October 25, 2012: Thanks, Patrick Dunagan, for shelling out 25 points on Lew Welch. You should read all 25, but to get you started here’s 3-10. Enjoy! 3. When I read Lew Welch I often think about Robinson [...] by

Videos of Last Month’s Ring of Bone Celebration August 29, 2012: The City Lights blog has posted a wealth of video footage from last month’s celebration of Lew Welch’s Ring of Bone, which we reported on here. From the blog: Last month Gary Snyder, [...] by

Exciting and Simple: Lew Welch, William Carlos Williams, and Gertrude Stein August 6, 2012: City Lights Books has just reissued Lew Welch’s Collected Poems, Ring of Bone, with a cover photo of Lew taken in 1965 by his old friend the photographer “Steamboat” Jim Hatch. City [...] by

Celebrating Lew Welch July 23, 2012: From the San Francisco HuffPo: On a recent evening, hundreds of people gathered at the San Francisco public library to honor Welch and to celebrate the publication of by the fabled City Lights [...] by

Gary Snyder, Joanne Kyger, David Meltzer, Huey Lewis & Friends Celebrate Lew Welch July 17, 2012: The City Lights blog has done a writeup of the recent Celebration of Lew Welch’s Ring the Bone, which took place last week and had Gary Snyder gathering friends: “He brought Joanne Kyger, [...] by

Review of Lew Welch’s Ring of Bone July 10, 2012: We’re excited to see that Lew Welch’s Ring of Bone is coming back into print, thanks to City Lights. Jonah Raskin wrote this review over at the SF Gate. He begins: If he’s still [...] by