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Aestheticizing the Stutter April 14, 2017: Although stuttering has a long history in the apocrypha of the West as an impediment serious enough to warrant correction (e.g., Demosthenes putting pebbles in his mouth to correct his speech and, [...] by

On Alice’s Birthday, Beaucoup de Translations June 15, 2015: It’s the 150th birthday of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and the Wall Street Journal reminds us that the 1865 classic “is probably second only to the 17th-century allegory, [...] by

Lewis Carroll’s Snark as Pursuer of Happiness January 15, 2013: Over at The American Reader, a letter’s been published from Lewis Carroll to a young girl named May Barber, in which Carroll explains his poem “The Hunting of the Snark.” Apparently, [...] by

Successful Poets Who Kept Their ‘Other’ Jobs August 14, 2012: While many of us dream of becoming full-time writers, the fact is, several of the most successful poets in recent history have remained at their day jobs. Here are some examples from [...] by

It’s William Butler Yeats, stupid November 19, 2010: As economists continue to tend toward sunny optimism in the face of collapse, the Wall Street Journal notes that finding appropriate doom-laden references within the field are few and far between. [...] by

lost poets and found poetry in washington, d.c. November 24, 2009: (Photo Credit: Thomas Sayers Ellis) I’m good at getting lost. A few years ago, living in a French town so small even its residents had barely heard of it, I lost my way at least once a week. I was [...] by