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Ian Dreiblatt Reviews Lewis Freedman’s Residual Synonyms for the Name of God March 22, 2017: Poet, critic, and translator Ian Dreiblatt reviews Lewis Freedman’s Residual Synonyms for the Name of God (Ugly Duckling, 2016) for Music & Literature. “Faced with the instability of [...] by

Judah Rubin & Lewis Freedman Give a Stunning, Not-Fake Interview at BOMB September 28, 2016: Two beautiful minds meet upon on the banks of a lake in Wisconsin to talk about “divination, food science, taxidermy, rabbinic literature, and the act of discussion itself.” Lewis [...] by

Lewis Freedman Gives Us Childe Roland December 23, 2014: Lewis Freedman is at his amazing scanning again. The Wisconsin-based poet and scholar has uploaded to Flying Object his latest “Scan by Lew”: WELCOME TO THE TWELFTH LETTER OF THE [...] by

Ernest M. Robson’s Phonetic-Linguistic Approach to Prosody to Produce Poems, Thanks to Lewis Freedman January 24, 2014: Lewis Freedman on what we have not forgotten, at Flying Object (or what we won’t, now, thanks to him). These “Scans by Lew” are to be an ongoing, monthly feature [...] by

Hold the Blue Orb, Baby: We’re Feeling Affinity With Lewis Freedman September 13, 2013: We’re delighted to read the Elective Affinities of the shimmering, trusty Lewis Freedman: “For the continuity and discontinuity in divided question of experience i’ve been writing [...] by

Outside the Held Standard: Douglas Piccinnini’s Flag August 13, 2013: The other day we made mention of Well Greased Press in a post about CLMP extending their membership–looking closely now, closely at Douglas Piccinnini’s Flag, in fact, we can make out [...] by