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Dispelling Myths, Defending Poets at HuffPo May 19, 2014: Stop us if you’ve heard this one: a poet, an investment banker, a real estate agent, an ads man and an environmental scientist are at a cocktail party… thus begins Lisa Marie [...] by

New York Daily News Profiles ‘Young women poets’ December 20, 2013: Well, this happened! Apparently, “women have a way with words.” Or so says The New York Daily News, which features today a full-page, full-color feature on New York City’s [...] by

Carina Finn Defends Her Life As a Movie + Melodrama !! July 3, 2012: Oh, we heart the melodrama. Carina Finn talks about this inclination–and her book, My Life Is a Movie–with Lisa Marie Basile at TheThePoetry. A snippet, or snifter, whatever they call it: [...] by