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A Second Look at Second Books at LARB March 28, 2017: Lisa Russ Spaar has been focusing her Los Angeles Review of Books articles on second collections of poetry for half a decade now. In this most recent article at LARB, she examines second works by [...] by

‘Second Acts’ Looks at Carl Phillips’s Cortège & Reconnaissance December 21, 2015: In her ongoing series of reviews examining second poetry collections, Lisa Russ Spaar changes things up this round and looks at two books by Carl Phillips: his second collection Cortège and his [...] by

Lisa Russ Spaar Looks at Books by Arthur Sze & Eleanor Stanford September 4, 2015: Once again, Lisa Russ Spaar looks at second books of poetry for Los Angeles Review of Books, this time reading Bartram’s Garden by Eleanor Stanford and Two Ravens by Arthur Sze (pictured above). [...] by

Lisa Russ Spaar Visits the Potent Minimalism of Rae Armantrout & Ye Chun May 12, 2015: At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Lisa Russ Spaar looks back at the second books of Rae Armantrout and Ye Chun. Spaar had us at Tuumba: “I was pleased to find that the University of Virginia [...] by

A Second Look at Beth Bachmann’s Do Not Rise and Alice Fulton’s Palladium March 17, 2015: Lisa Russ Spaar got a reminder in the mail–when news about Alice Fulton’s newest collection, Barely Composed appeared in her inbox–to revisit Fulton’s previous collection [...] by

Sweet Seconds: Lisa Russ Spaar Examines Two Poets’ Second Poetry Collections September 3, 2014: For this most recent installment in her “Second Acts: A Second Look at Second Books of Poetry” column, Lisa Russ Spaar looks at Robert Hass and Fiona Sze-Lorrain’s second [...] by

Reading List: February 2013 February 27, 2013: The Reading List is a new feature of the Editors’ Blog this year. Each month we ask Poetry’s recent contributors to share a book—or several—that they’ve been poring over. Here are some [...] by

Lisa Russ Spaar Points to the Moon July 18, 2012: Of all the poetic inspirations in nature, one of the most universal lies 384,400 kilometers from the Earth’s surface. On The Chronicle of Higher Education website, poet Lisa Russ Spaar shares [...] by

The New Inquiry Interviews Lisa Russ Spaar July 3, 2012: As part of their ongoing series, “Five Questions with ____________,” The New Inquiry spoke with poet and University of Virginia professor Lisa Russ Spaar. In addition to comments on bad habits [...] by