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Discussing Byron’s ‘Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage’ at BBC Radio 4 January 17, 2017: At BBC Radio 4, Melvyn Bragg and his laureled guests–who include Jonathan Bate, Professor of English Literature at the University of Warwick; Jane Stabler, Reader in Romanticism at the [...] by

Never Too Late to Set the Record Straight: Reconsidering the Genius of Lord Byron February 10, 2016: At LARB, a review of Julia Markus’s Lady Byron and Her Daughters (Norton 2015), a new biography of Anne Isabella Byron, wife of Romantic poet Lord Byron. Anne Boyd Rioux questions “what [...] by

Is It Work? April 15, 2014: A neighbor famously called Robert Frost the laziest man in the world, not just because he sat on the porch all day staring at nature like it was television, but also because he was constantly falling [...] by

Rhyme April 25, 2013: 1. I trust everyone in my generation (Nixon, Ford, and Carter Administrations) will recognize these lyrics: Jenny, Jenny, | who can I turn to You give me something | I can hold onto I know you think [...] by

Books Inscribed by Lord Byron’s Half-Sister/Lover Discovered at Used Bookstore October 22, 2012: In the age of Amazon, it’s rare to come across real treasures in used bookstores. But occasionally a gem does surface. Such is the case reported in The Independent: She was born to wealth and [...] by

“The” “age” “of” “genius” September 25, 2009: In a recent Slate article, Ron Rosenbaum explores uses and abuses of the word “genius,” suggesting: Maybe genius has been, if not democratized, more widely and thinly distributed, rather than [...] by

Keats lives! (for a while) September 18, 2009: Poor fellow! His was an untoward fate:— ‘Tis strange the mind, that very fiery particle, Should let itself be snuffed out by an Article. —Lord Byron Keats didn’t actually die because of a [...] by