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Stephen Burt Considers Andrew Maxwell’s Trifecta of Aphorism, Lyric, and the Avant-Garde July 29, 2016: “What if a poet wants at once to write aphoristically, or apothegmatically, and to write lyric (personal, inward, emotional), and to write as part of a post-avant-garde?” asks Stephen [...] by

The Later Poems of Larry Levis, Collected in The Darkening Trapeze July 26, 2016: At LARB, Kathleen Graber looks at The Darkening Trapeze, a posthumous collection of Larry Levis’s later work, published by Graywolf this year. “By the time I first discovered Levis’s [...] by

Chinese Poetry in Translation’s Present and Future July 18, 2016: At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Lucas Klein keenly investigates the present reputation of Chinese poetry in translation. While translation does afford writers with the opportunity to vicariously [...] by

At LARB: Chris Nealon on the End of Capitalism July 6, 2016: At Los Angeles Review of Books, poet and scholar Chris Nealon considers the intellectual left and the possibility of the end of capitalism, reflecting on the book Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our [...] by

Alejandra Pizarnik’s Extracting the Stone of Madness Reviewed at LARB June 27, 2016: At LARB, Lowry Pressly reviews Extracting the Stone of Madness: Poems 1962-1972 by Alejandra Pizarnik (New Directions, 2016), noting that it was during the years of “inner turmoil, personal [...] by

Boyer, Kapil, and Spahr Are Raising the Bar, Says Maureen McLane in Noteworthy Essay June 8, 2016: At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Maureen N. McLane does us all a favor and connects the work Bhanu Kapil, Juliana Spahr, and Anne Boyer. McLane invokes, favorably, Dorothea Lasky’s Poetry Is [...] by

Douglas Piccinnini’s Story Book: A Novella Reviewed at LARB May 19, 2016: Poet Douglas Piccinnini’s Story Book: A Novella (The Cultural Society, 2015) “suspends and electrifies narration mid-creation,” writes Rita Banerjee in a review of the work at LA [...] by

A Complete Experience: James Cushing Interviews Brendan Constantine May 18, 2016: Los Angeles Review of Books hosts James Cushing’s interview with Brendan Constantine: author of Dementia, My Darling. In addition to rapping about Dementia, Constantine’s fourth poetry [...] by

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza & Loma Discuss ‘Sad Girl Poems’ May 9, 2016: At Los Angeles Review of Books, Joshua Jennifer Espinoza talks about sadness and love, and how both themes play out in Loma’s new collection Sad Girl Poems. From Espinoza’s introduction [...] by

To Be Well Used: Melissa Green’s Magpiety March 11, 2016: J. Mae Barizo reviews Melissa Green’s Magpiety: New and Selected Poems, published by Arrowsmith Press this past fall. At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Barizo recalls Marie Howe’s blurb for [...] by