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Written in the Dark: Five Poets in the Siege of Leningrad Reviewed at LARB November 1, 2016: At Los Angeles Review of Books, Piotr Florczyk wonders after the possible poetry being written in the ongoing siege of Aleppo. Poetry is the last tangible form of hope to die, or so I believe. Surely [...] by

Praise: Los Angeles Review of Books on Amit Majmudar’s Dothead October 14, 2016: “His breadth of subject matter spans sex, popular culture, art, capitalism, history, the natural world, and more,” LARB reviewer Caitlin Doyle writes. Amit Majmudar’s freshly [...] by

No Longer Lost: Nicaraguan Modernist Poet & Translator Joaquín Pasos October 12, 2016: “I’m on my way to meet the son of a poet whose name is often mentioned by Latin American critics in the same breath as Vicente Huidobro and Eliot, but who remains almost entirely unknown [...] by

‘Delicate and Tough-Minded’: On the Verse Structures of Naomi Replansky September 9, 2016: At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Eric Gudas sits down to learn more about Naomi Replansky, a poet with a rich career who first enthralled him in college. NAOMI REPLANSKY’S POEMS have unsettled, [...] by

Julian Gewirtz Interviews Carmen Giménez Smith at Los Angeles Review of Books September 7, 2016: What does it mean to be a “literary citizen?” In Julian Gewirtz’s conversation with Carmen Giménez Smith, the poet and publisher reveals her influences, writing process, and more. [...] by

Max Ritvo & Heather Hartley Reviewed at LARB September 6, 2016: At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Stephen Burt looks at Max Ritvo’s debut book, Four Reincarnations, and Heather Hartley’s Adult Swim, her second collection. Burt approaches Ritvo’s [...] by

Los Angeles Review of Books Interviews Camille Rankine August 29, 2016: Where did it all begin? At Los Angeles Review of Books, Peter Mishler asks that very question of Camille Rankine. The recent author of Incorrect Merciful Impulses, published by Copper Canyon Press, [...] by

Stephen Burt Considers Andrew Maxwell’s Trifecta of Aphorism, Lyric, and the Avant-Garde July 29, 2016: “What if a poet wants at once to write aphoristically, or apothegmatically, and to write lyric (personal, inward, emotional), and to write as part of a post-avant-garde?” asks Stephen [...] by

The Later Poems of Larry Levis, Collected in The Darkening Trapeze July 26, 2016: At LARB, Kathleen Graber looks at The Darkening Trapeze, a posthumous collection of Larry Levis’s later work, published by Graywolf this year. “By the time I first discovered Levis’s [...] by

Chinese Poetry in Translation’s Present and Future July 18, 2016: At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Lucas Klein keenly investigates the present reputation of Chinese poetry in translation. While translation does afford writers with the opportunity to vicariously [...] by