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Douglas Piccinnini’s Story Book: A Novella Reviewed at LARB May 19, 2016: Poet Douglas Piccinnini’s Story Book: A Novella (The Cultural Society, 2015) “suspends and electrifies narration mid-creation,” writes Rita Banerjee in a review of the work at LA [...] by

A Complete Experience: James Cushing Interviews Brendan Constantine May 18, 2016: Los Angeles Review of Books hosts James Cushing’s interview with Brendan Constantine: author of Dementia, My Darling. In addition to rapping about Dementia, Constantine’s fourth poetry [...] by

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza & Loma Discuss ‘Sad Girl Poems’ May 9, 2016: At Los Angeles Review of Books, Joshua Jennifer Espinoza talks about sadness and love, and how both themes play out in Loma’s new collection Sad Girl Poems. From Espinoza’s introduction [...] by

To Be Well Used: Melissa Green’s Magpiety March 11, 2016: J. Mae Barizo reviews Melissa Green’s Magpiety: New and Selected Poems, published by Arrowsmith Press this past fall. At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Barizo recalls Marie Howe’s blurb for [...] by

Derrick Harriell Looks at Chicago State University in Time of Crisis March 2, 2016: If you’re reading from Chicago, you’re most likely aware of the ways the state budget impasse has been applying pressure on and disrupting educational institutions. Foremost among those [...] by

At LARB: Susan Howe’s Essay-Work Wields a Kind of Magic February 23, 2016: Jonathan Creasy considers Susan Howe’s essays–particularly The Birth-mark: unsettling the wilderness in American literary history, and her more recent work, The Quarry (New Directions, [...] by

Los Angeles Review of Books Considers the Plays of Joyelle McSweeney February 15, 2016: At Los Angeles Review of Books, Matthew Buckley Smith provides an insightful look into the dramatic and poetic works of Joyelle McSweeney, beginning with thoughts on horror films and how such films [...] by

Never Too Late to Set the Record Straight: Reconsidering the Genius of Lord Byron February 10, 2016: At LARB, a review of Julia Markus’s Lady Byron and Her Daughters (Norton 2015), a new biography of Anne Isabella Byron, wife of Romantic poet Lord Byron. Anne Boyd Rioux questions “what [...] by

‘Second Acts’ Looks at Carl Phillips’s Cortège & Reconnaissance December 21, 2015: In her ongoing series of reviews examining second poetry collections, Lisa Russ Spaar changes things up this round and looks at two books by Carl Phillips: his second collection Cortège and his [...] by

Tomorrow Someone Will Arrest You: On the Defiant Meena Kandasamy December 17, 2015: In the wake of news of Indian artist Hema Upadhyay’s death in Mumbai over the weekend, focus is on the safety and rights of women in India. At the Los Angeles Review of Books, a critical essay by [...] by