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I’m Trying to Wreck Your Mind, That’s All January 16, 2017: A few people have recently suggested that I write about my poetic evolution. In a poetry community it’s funny how a few can feel like a horde, a clamoring.  “A few people read my book and said [...] by

By the Letter: Creeley, Eigner, Dorn, & Zukofsky October 23, 2013: The four letters by Robert Creeley in our October 2013 issue trace some of his evolving feelings toward poetry (and Poetry) over the course of the fifties and sixties. These letters to Larry Eigner, [...] by

The Mathematics of Zukofsky September 25, 2012: Check out this Scientific American blog post by Bob Grumman. In it, Grumman takes a deeper look at mathematics in poetry, focusing primarily on Louis Zukofsky’s use of an integral sign, which: [...] by

Zukofsky reading Stevens at PennSound June 14, 2012: Always digging deep into the archives, Al Filreis over at PennSound serves us this little treat today: Louis Zukofsky performing the poetry of Wallace Stevens from a 1971 lecture he gave at the [...] by

Interview With Charles Bernstein (Part I) April 23, 2010: The following interview, conducted with Charles Bernstein at his home on March 19th, 2010, represents Bernstein’s thinking about the composition of his selected poems just released by Farrar, [...] by