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Wonderful! Kevin Killian Wins Wonder Book Prize September 4, 2013: As if readers of fiction and poetry didn’t have enough reasons to deem Kevin Killian’s writing wonderful: the editors of Wonder, Andrew Durbin and Ben Fama, announced today that [...] by

Last Chance to Submit Yourself to the Wonder Book Prize. . . May 15, 2013: We done told ya and told ya, but will wonders never: Today is the last day to submit to the first-annual Wonder book prize, judged by Macgregor Card: Please send in your submission tonight by [...] by

Announcing The Claudius App III: AMERICAN HANGOVER EDITION July 6, 2012: There’s a strategically placed fortune on our Harriet desk that’s going on about a secret admirer soon sending signs of affection. We like this: “[I]t IS ALL A HOT [...] by

A Most Intricate Review of Macgregor Card’s Duties of an English Foreign Secretary March 26, 2012: Rain Taxi’s online Winter 2011/2012 edition features a brand-new—and in-depth, what else can one hope for—review of Macgregor Card’s Duties of an English Foreign Secretary (Fence [...] by