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Made in Detroit: Marge Piercy June 8, 2015: The Rumpus interviewed Marge Piercy about her most recent collection, Made in Detroit! Dara Barnat had many queries around the reoccurring themes in the book, including family, intimacy, Judaism, and [...] by

Rubyfloetics: A Period Poem Mixtape April 29, 2015: I wrote the poem Ruby Flo one summer during my undergraduate years. I was staying at my boyfriend’s family home because my mom and I were steady fighting. His mother didn’t really want me there. [...] by

Flavorwire Thinks of 10 Feminist Poets May 18, 2012: Flavorwire did everyone a favor and made a list of “10 feminist poets you should know.” You might already know them. You might have more. We do! Like, a million! Michael Nicoloff, looking [...] by