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On Editing Marianne Moore: Heather Cass White at FSG’s Work in Progress April 6, 2017: At FSG’s blog, Work in Progress, Heather Cass White, who has spent the last ten years editing poetry by Marianne Moore, reveals the complications that surround gathering, selecting, and editing [...] by

Modernist Poet Marianne Moore Inspired by Jews? August 15, 2016: Unlike many of the modernist poets—Ezra Pound for example—who exhibited “varying degrees of anti-Semitism,” Marianne Moore found poetic inspiration in Jewish literary tradition. At [...] by

Natalia Cecire on Poetry and (Gendered) Work June 24, 2016: Worth checking out at Jacket2 is Natalia Cecire’s newest commentary, “Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.” Cecire, a lecturer in English and American Studies at the [...] by

Marianne Moore’s Rebirth April 15, 2016: At the New Yorker Adrienne Raphel draws our attention to the fervent, outspoken readers immersed in Marianne Moore’s literary oeuvre—from Linda Leavell, Moore’s biographer, to Jonathan [...] by

At London Review of Books: Marianne Moore & Her Mother December 10, 2015: A piece by the editor of the London Review of Books about Marianne Moore considers the poet’s relationship to her mother, Mary. Editor Mary-Kay Wilmers writes that “Mary expected poems to [...] by

And Yet: A Wedding October 26, 2015: Portland, Oregon Today is the one-month anniversary of my friends Avik Maitra and Patrick Worth, who got married in Portland. When I got married—six years ago, in the Cambridge, Mass., City [...] by

Context/Decontext: A Conversation with Johannes Göransson October 20, 2015: Utrecht, The Netherlands & Notre Dame, Indiana, USA Here is a chance to reflect on book reviewing, and here is something to tell you up front: I am an impossibly slow reader and writer, and no [...] by

Call and Response: The Gifts of Women Poets (Part 2) August 26, 2015: [Editor’s Note: Part 1 of “Call and Response: The Gifts of Women Poets” can be found here.] On Carolyn Kizer Carolyn Kizer was my poetry mentor, great friend and goddess. Here is an [...] by

Good News! Sweet Restorations at the Woodberry Poetry Room December 2, 2014: Wow! What’s not to like about this?! A powerful, brand-new technology called IRENE will help listeners at the Woodberry Poetry Room finally hear “The Cantos” as read by Ezra Pound, [...] by

Boo! John Berryman on Halloween at Academy of American Poets October 24, 2014: John Berryman’s 100! Even if he’s dead. There’s much revelry in celebration of the centenary of Berryman’s birth, including at FSG (Berryman’s publisher) and of course, [...] by