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Aaron Winslow on Marie Buck’s Confronting of the Horrific With Beautiful Poems September 22, 2015: At Jacket2, the brilliant Aaron Winslow reviews the work of the brilliant Marie Buck–specifically, her new book, Portrait of Doom (Krupskaya, 2015). The sense, here, is less doomed: But [...] by

Marie Buck on Collectivity, Star Trek, Portrait of Doom, Political Hope, More July 17, 2015: Our friend Marie Buck is interviewed by rob mclennan! We have a soft spot for these interviews, and have been enjoying Buck’s recent book, Portrait of Doom (Krupskaya 2015). “[A]ll of my [...] by

Hip-Hap-Hop-Hurray for the Winners of Krupskaya Press’s Open Reading Period: Erika Staiti and Marie Buck! August 25, 2014: The editors of Krupskaya Press have announced the winners of the press’s 2014 open reading period: The Undying Present, by Erika Staiti, and Portrait of Doom, by Marie Buck. Krupskaya Press [...] by

Beyond Oakland: August 10th and 11th July 31, 2013: Extending out from Oakland– where many Bay-Area poets have participated in protests in recent years– Beyond Oakland will welcome poets from Vancouver (Cecily Nicholson), Kansas City (Anne [...] by

Jean Day, Joshua Clover, Mary Burger & More Full-Timers at Winter’s Poetic Labor Project February 1, 2013: January at The Poetic Labor Project features writing from Jean Day, Marie Buck, Joshua Clover, Jen Coleman, Rachel Zolf, Mary Burger, William Cloud, and Tim Shaner. We’re constantly in awe of [...] by

Marie Buck’s Amazing Weapons Reviewed by Brandon Brown January 4, 2013: Brandon Brown has reviewed Marie Buck’s new chapbook, Amazing Weapons, at Jacket2. We never tire of chapbooks. Besides hearing someone read in person, a chapbook is our favorite way to [...] by

‘If you make any kind of art, you might want to read this’: A Valuable Response from Marie Buck on Josef Kaplan’s ‘Theses on the Aesthetics of Violence’ July 10, 2012: A Better World Is Probable: Detroit-based poet Marie Buck shares a necessary response to Josef Kaplan’s “Theses on the Aesthetics of Violence,” published at Lana Turner last week [...] by