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‘Moore Seen Through a Spyglass’: NY Times Reviews Marie Ponsot’s Collected Poems October 27, 2016: Ever since City Lights published Marie Ponsot’s first collection of poetry in 1956 (when she was 35) she has continuously published completely brilliant poetry. Now, at 95, her Collected Poems [...] by

Marie Ponsot’s Love of Poetry August 30, 2016: At the LA Times, Craig Morgan Teicher contrasts Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry with Marie Ponsot’s joy for it as read in her Collected Poems (Knopf, this month), a book Teicher calls [...] by

Call and Response: The Gifts of Women Poets (Part 2) August 26, 2015: [Editor’s Note: Part 1 of “Call and Response: The Gifts of Women Poets” can be found here.] On Carolyn Kizer Carolyn Kizer was my poetry mentor, great friend and goddess. Here is an [...] by

We Can’t Get Enough of Marie Ponsot! Neither Can City Lights! March 22, 2013: A couple of days ago, we posted this great interview with Marie Ponsot, the recent winner of the 2013 Ruth Lilly Prize, as you all know by now! The City Lights blog has another interview with Ponsot, [...] by

The Best Game in the World: An Interview with Marie Ponsot March 20, 2013: Marie Ponsot, winner of this year’s Ruth Lilly Prize, has been interviewed at Interrupting Infinity, the authorial site of David St.-Lascaux. Ponsot talks to St.-Lascaux about “the good [...] by

Marie Ponsot Awarded 2013 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize March 18, 2013: Every year we celebrate the lifetime achievement of a living U.S. poet, and this year we’re thrilled to announce that poet Marie Ponsot has won the 2013 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize. At $100,000, it [...] by

Marie Ponsot hunts for lost language skills June 28, 2010: Poet Marie Ponsot speaks to the New York Times about trying to regain lost language skills after a stroke. Last week, back in her apartment on the Upper East Side, Ms. Ponsot had help in her hunt for [...] by