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BYO Canon (and Other New Year’s Resolutions) December 31, 2015: I remember being in college, charging white friends $1 each at parties to touch my Afro, wondering when, if ever, the world might shift to make me a little less of a unicorn. Or, at least, for the [...] by

At Entropy: Jen Hofer Comments on Marjorie Perloff’s Recent Public Remarks December 21, 2015: In a piece titled “If You Hear Something Say Something, Or If You’re Not At The Table You’re On The Menu,” at Entropy: Jen Hofer presents some transcribed remarks made by Marjorie [...] by

Final Volume of Ezra Pound Biography Reviewed by Marjorie Perloff November 6, 2015: Marjorie Perloff writes about the final volume of A. David Moody’s biography of Ezra Pound for the Times Literary Supplement: “Here, in vivid detail, Moody tells the painful story of [...] by

Kenny Goldsmith in The New Yorker: ‘An artist’s right to make a mistake is much more sacred than anyone’s feelings’ September 28, 2015: A piece in the October 5 issue of The New Yorker looks at Kenneth Goldsmith’s recent “challenging behavior.” “Goldsmith, who is fifty-four, likes pranks and provocations and [...] by

Pretending to Disrupt, Merely Distracting: Plundering Privilege in the World of Poetry August 11, 2015: It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me and knows I grew up steeped in the south’s Bible Belt culture of racism that I am compelled to reflect on the surrounding culture, specifically [...] by

Redressing the Emperor: Why Poets Matter August 3, 2015: They say you can be a bad person and still make a great thing. They say you can use poetry cynically for your own selfish gain in the name of free speech. But what they don’t say so often, because [...] by

The Queer Voice: Reparative Poetry Rituals & Glitter Perversions June 22, 2015: for Michelle Tea “Who we are when we are not love has always caused us shame.” –Akilah Oliver “Touch me. / We’ll become less one.” –TC Tolbert “Nobody wants to become [...] by

Amodern 4: The Poetry Series Collects Writings on Readings, Avant Sound Archives, Listening, Recording, Performance, Resonance, & On… March 31, 2015: Thanks to the evidently tireless work of Michael Nardone and editors Jason Camlot and Christine Mitchell, Amodern 4: The Poetry Series is out and features an incredible collection of writings on [...] by

Austrian Modernists Produced, in Fact, a Poetics of Rupture: Marjorie Perloff on Karl Kraus at Critical Inquiry March 4, 2014: Marjorie Perloff has written a new piece on Karl Kraus, published online, in full, at Critical Inquiry. In it, she notes that avant-gardists rarely reference the likes of Wittgenstein and Kraus, or [...] by

Interviewing Marjorie Perloff About Italian Futurism & the ‘Futurist Poetic’ September 27, 2013: The Kenyon Review blog’s Andrew David King hosts an in-depth interview with Marjorie Perloff on Italian Futurism–Part 1 of “Futurism Revisited” covers the cultural break in [...] by