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Diasporican Poets Mixtape: Side Two September 13, 2016: In my last post, I commented on five poems by diasporic Puerto Rican poets published in 2015. Here, for side two of my mixtape, I will comment on some Diasporican poems published during the first [...] by

‘It’s the poet’s duty to show the way’: Rigoberto González Praises Martín Espada’s Tribute to His Father and Labor History, Vivas to Those Who Have Failed March 8, 2016: Poet Rigoberto González draws NBC News audiences’s attention to a new collection by Martín Espada, Vivas to Those Who Have Failed, which pays tribute to his father, a labor rights activist [...] by

Washington Post Reviews Martín Espada, Camille Rankine and more January 14, 2016: The Washington Post’s Elizabeth Lund writes that the best poetry books of January 2016 tackle “race, current events, love and loss.” What should you be reading to start this year [...] by

Busboys and Poets Award Presented to Martín Espada October 3, 2014: Last month Martín Espada received the Busboys and Poets Award, given in recognition of a poet’s achievements and as a way to pay tribute to Langston Hughes (who worked as a busboy before [...] by

Contribute to José Gouveia’s Cancer Recovery and Honor a Generous Spirit December 2, 2013: Our friends at Split This Rock are collecting funds in support of José Gouveia: an important member of the poetry community on Cape Cod who is battling cancer, again! Martín Espada–a poet, [...] by

Martín Espada in Coversation with Bill Moyers February 21, 2013: If you didn’t find your way over to check out Martín Espada chatting with Bill Moyers last week, now is your chance to do so. They talk about poetry and dignity, Playboy vs the Rubáiyát of [...] by

Martin Espada Speaks on Puerto Rican Poets in NYC June 22, 2012: Ploughshares blogger James Tolan reports back after hearing poet Martín Espada speak about the history Puerto Rico and its poets. At the Poets House in New York City, Espada praised the courage of [...] by

Some Thoughts on Martín Espada’s The Lover of a Subversive is Also a Subversive April 16, 2011: [As a Filipino American author, one of my ongoing complaints is that it feels like Filipino American literary scholars are behind on the community’s literary output. Something I’ve been [...] by

AWP: Some Thoughts 1 April 12, 2010: It’d been six years since my last visit to AWP. This is not a confession. I had a strange time back then, adrift, inadequate feeling. You know, not feeling that I’d done enough, that I wasn’t [...] by