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Literary Hub Casts Its Vote for Books by Anne Carson, Mary Ruefle October 5, 2016: If you’re still pulling together a bedside reading stack for the month of October, look no further than this hip and of-the-minute compendium by Literary Hub featuring 18 books that beg a [...] by

‘The anxiety of the moment was the mother of invention’: Mary Ruefle Interviewed at Divedapper October 19, 2015: Over at Divedapper this morning, Kaveh Akbar interviews the always astonishing Mary Ruefle. As you might expect, their conversation ranges across a broad territory, beginning first with thoughts [...] by

Poetry Mixtape Volume V March 26, 2015: I don’t think I’ve written any poetry since 2008 that Ally Harris hasn’t edited, annotated, crossed out, or signed-off on. We were in school together at Iowa and wound up taking the [...] by

On Erasure at Jacket2 October 3, 2014: At Jacket 2, Mary Hickman takes on the politics and poetics of defacing and also, perhaps, “refacing” books with works by Jen Bervin and Mary Ruefle as two examples. At the 2013 [...] by

At The Brooklyn Rail: Mary Ruefle on Erasures of Lifelong Shame & Pride, More July 18, 2014: Mary Ruefle is interviewed at The Brooklyn Rail about her newest collection, Trances of the Blast (Wave, 2013), and also “speaks about metaphor, her ruthless revisions, the imagination as a [...] by

The Noise, The Night April 18, 2014: On Monday night I stayed up until 3 a.m. waiting for a glimpse of the blood moon, a lunar eclipse where the moon shifts into earth’s shadow and flushes red with the light of the sun rising and [...] by

Mary Ruefle on Clarice Lispector for Music & Literature 4 March 24, 2014: Music & Literature 4 is now out and features a massive amount of content from smart people on Clarice Lispector–a very rare journal, indeed. Mary Ruefle is among the contributors; [...] by

Mary Ruefle Takes Home 2014 Robert Creeley Award February 26, 2014: Congratulations to Mary Ruefle on winning the 2014 Robert Creeley Award! From the Robert Creeley Foundation: Acton rediscovered Creeley’s connection to the town through his chance meeting with [...] by

Mary Ruefle’s Trances of the Blast & Interrogating the Lyric January 30, 2014: B.K. Fischer reviews Mary Ruefle’s Trances of the Blast (Wave Books, 2013) for Boston Review, noting that “[i]t is easy to approach the work of this woman from Vermont as if she were a [...] by

My Poetry Picks for 2013 December 9, 2013: My top five poetry books of 2013 (In no particular order, really. These books are all worth your time.) 1. The Year of What Now, Brian Russell, Graywolf It’s happened before that someone I know [...] by